Creativeness is one of the topics of various studies in literature area which are not always agreed to be the same. Nevertheless, there are three main pelements essential to the existence of belletristic literature: special experience of writers and their intentions which are the basis of a literature work, the piece of literature itself and the perception of the literature piece in the consciousness of the readers. The term Literature is used to explain the art of the language, and esthetic kind of language creation. Literature esthetics has for a goal to create a differentiation measurement of artistic expression from other language forms.

Your assignment is to write an essay up to 200 words. In this essay you will describe three photographs containing some architectural object. These photographs must be taken by yourselves, and have to express something which made a great influence on you. In this essay you will give us the impression of the moment caught on the photographs. The essay should be submitted along with the three photographs.


Painting is an artistic expression of ideas and emotions on two–dimensional space or surface, The essential elements of painting, which enable presentation are: shapes, curves, lines, colour, tonality and texture. The representation of the nature, objective or figurative painting (still-life, landscape, portrait…) is created as a combination of painting elements and shapes. Abstract painting is connected to subjective and emotional artistic expression, which never has for a goal to present the reality, but expresses the ideas using the essential elements.

Recently built stage on “ploca” near Technical School harms the look of one part of the city designed to be the playing area and the youth gathering place. Our idea and your assignment is to “dress” the stage. An area in Kosovska Mitrovica that should be given a new form of life is in your hands.


Sculpture is every three–dimensional shape created as an artistic expression. Most of the sculptures have pure esthetic as a goal. When a three–dimensional object has a functional aspect besides artistic, it may be called a sculpture, but only if the artistic aspect dominates. When there is a balance between artistic and functional aspect, then it is called functional sculpture. The more artistic aspect is dominated by functional, the more sculpture turns into a design.

In accordance to this artistic area you should create your own three–dimensional form. Sculptures will be made out of snow or a recycled material.


A theatre is a shelter to a completely different world. It is the world in which people, animals, seas, winds and entire cities live. It is inhabited by the heroes of fairy tales and creatures of imagination. It may be settled by the heroes of various books and novels. It may contain endless spaces and various time periods. In a theatre you don’t need to walk many miles to come from one part of the world into another. You don’t need a time machine to visit Ancient Greece, Ras in the time of Nemanja, or take a peek into some future era. Only about ten meters square and two hours are enough to place entire universe and all the centuries. A powerful magic which turns the imagination into a special kind of reality is art. Theatre is art in the same way as the literature, painting or music. But, theatre is not created by one artist only. It is the creation of several different artists such as: writers, actors, painters… Theatre unifies all other types of art,

In your group you should identify a writer, scenographer, actors… And you should create a story which will be performed on the stage.


Film is considered  to be the seventh type of art. This is one of the newest arts. It combines literature, music, dance and painting. The sensation of movable pictures is based on physical ability of a human eye – retinal persistence. Retina of a human eye has the ability to lengthen the light duration for about 1/10 of a second after its end. If one sees several similar pictures changing rapidly, each of these pictures will emerge one into another and, in the case of film, the illusion of continuous motion will be created – even though the film is actually made out of many static pictures.

In this area you will show your own aspect of architecture through film projection. You are allowed to use all the possible equipment which may help you out in realization of this project.


 Music begins when the words disappear. Music is kept in mind, carried in the soul and felt by our senses. The thoughts in our minds depend on the music style we cherish. Music is an art of the sound. It does not give the tangible result. It does not speak in words or notions. Music is expressed in sounds only. It is known that the sound may be created by human voice (singing), or by various instruments which are specially designed to use the acoustic phenomena in order to to provide the acoustic and emotional experiences in the way the artist – creator had imagined it.

Each person has different acoustic abilities. Therefore, you will create the sound which will represent you. Having done this, you will find one or more persons to form a group and make a composition by combining your sounds. This composition will represent the interconnection among the members of your group.


The idea of Professor Ljubisa Folic, which included the second year MA students of architecture who ought to accomplish the assignment of organizing the Project/Design Workshop, resulted in creating ARHUM.

Four students came to an idea of engaging the students of the first year of MA studies to express themselves through six types of art, besides architecture. This will include the expression of their feelings and ideas though writing, painting, acting, sculpturing and recording alongside with architecture, which embodies all these six types of art.